Incredible Stops & Heroic Defending | Best Saves Of The Season | Emirates FA Cup 2020-21

Not all heroes wear capes. Relive the best saves and stops from the Emirates FA Cup season! From Cheltenham Town's Ben Tozer's clearing a certain goal off the line to Kasper Schmeichel's incredible Final stops to secure a first-ever FA Cup trophy for the Foxes.

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  • Timothy Alexander
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    This Video is Awesome 💯⚽👑

  • farhan quamr
    farhan quamr7 दिन पहले

    That save by schmeichel to deny mount 🥵

  • Joy Castro
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    I'm in dubai

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    Really really awesome

  • QuinnyFM
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    1:05 Any FM players know of this guy. Absolute beast between the sticks for werder Bremen for a solid 10 years

  • Bert Johnas
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    I wish I could get more from sports than just pleasure of watching

  • Jozo Ivankovic

    Jozo Ivankovic

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    I got Victory with him, my only regrets is I played the game I got from him so low with fear 😓😥

  • Antoine Laurent

    Antoine Laurent

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    My first game with William hill gave me the assurance that has made me get more without the fear of losing, I got four of my friends involved with her already and we are happy for the winings we have enjoyed

  • Bert Johnas

    Bert Johnas

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    @Albert Owen thanks I'm getting his games ASAP

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    @Bert Johnas +"4"4"7"4"4"8 7"4"1"1"1"2

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    @Bert Johnas You can contact him via his official business WhatsApp forum

  • DudesOfDudesMJG_YT
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    The Clearnce From 0:02 Is Like He Passed Out

  • Lahiru Nimesh
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    Just incredible 🖤

  • 5A(06) 陳睿濬 Chan Yui Chun
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  • Levan Jeffers
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    Wes Morgan to retire at the end of the season he will be rembered for ever big up to morgan

  • North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
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    Just can’t beat that Schmiechel save this year! 🤭😎

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